CENIT is a research group of CIMNE, a public consortium between the Government of Catalonia and the Polytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC), in cooperation with UNESCO.

The research and technology development (RTD) activities of CIMNE cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from classical engineering fields such as civil, mechanic, environmental, naval, marine and offshore, food, telecommunication and bio-medical engineering, computer sciences and applied sciences such as material sciences bio-medicine, computational physics, nature, social and economic sciences and multimedia sciences, among others.

The governance structure of CIMNE is as follows:

Governing Council (Consell de Govern)
Executive Council (Comissió Executiva)

In addition, CENIT has an Advisory Council (Consell Assesor) whose role is to assist the Director in his work:

Prof. Mateu Turró Calvet. Professor at UPC

Mr. Carles Kinder. CEO of  GTD
Prof. Pere Macias. President of the “Fundació Cercle d’Infraestructures” and professor at UPC
Prof. Anna Matas. Professor at UAB
Dr. Andreu Ulied. Director of Mcrit

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