This year’s Smart City Expo 2023 held at the Fira Barcelona was a chance for the CENIT team to connect with brilliant minds across the field of Smart Cities and sustainable mobility.
Our stand was a hive of activity with visitors from around the world including delegations from Turkey, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan eager to find out about our latest projects.

CENIT Transport Researcher Paola Rodríguez moderated a panel session organised by FGC, which looked at three distinct perspectives on the future of metropolitan mobility.
Meanwhile, at the Generalitat Stand, CENIT team members kept exhibition visitors informed and entertained with news of their latest research and its implications for the Smart City concept.
⦁ Samra Sarwar discussed how superblocks and autonomous vehicles are transforming traffic flow.
⦁ Paco Gasparín shared insights on the Hubs for Last Mile Delivery Solutions (HALLO) project
⦁ Javier Garrido and Maurici Hervas outlined Barcelona Port’s journey towards sustainability.

We’re very grateful to everyone at ACCIÓ for being wonderful hosts on the Generalitat de Catalunya Stand and making the event truly memorable!

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