This project aimed to identify the most relevant technologies used in the transport industry and build up a map of emerging and not yet fully deployed technologies. Using flowcharts, an analysis was undertaken of the most common existing processes in transport mode operations, both freight and passenger. Technologies and agents involved were analysed in order to foresee and identify effects for the transformation of the industry both in the short and long term. By means of these flowcharts, users are able to identify challenging or important processes and corresponding technologies. The effects of new technologies, or those not yet fully deployed in the transport scenario, might be identified and possible outcomes in the industry foreseen.

The team at CENIT provided:

  • Flowcharts with agents and main process identification for each transport mode.
  • Identify technologies involved in each process.
  • Recognise short and long-term effects, of digitalisation and the introduction of new technologies in the transport industry.

Client: Centre for Transportation Studies for the Western Mediterranean (CETMO)
Period: 2019-2020

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