Client: Ministerio de Fomento, Plan Nacional I+D+i
Dates: 2009-2011
Participants: CENIT, Facultat de Nàutica de Barcelona (FNB), SENER

The roll-on/roll-off cargo traffic in Spain is increasingly important, especially the traffic related to Short Distance Maritime Transport. Therefore, it is also becoming increasingly necessary to improve roll-on/roll-off vessels dwell time and to maximize the productivity of this kind of terminals. The aim of this Project is to optimize these port terminals both at a physical and functional level.

This Project is made up of two main sections: the first one deals with the optimization of the operations of roll-on/roll-off terminals assuming their current configuration. This first section aims at developing some guidelines for terminal design and exploitation. The second section proposes and analyzes new designs for this type of terminals, and they consider the possibility of including new cargo handling equipment.

Services provided:

  • Quantification of handling operation times of ro-ro ships.
  • Guide for the design of maritime terminals (space distribution and organization, optimal size and use), including planning and operation phases.
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