Client: Ministerio de Fomento – CEDEX
Dates: 2008-2010
Participants: CENIT, Transyt-UPM, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

GESTA analyses the implementation of different value and service pricing measures for a more efficient use of current interurban road capacity. The social welfare function will be defined; this function will depend on restrictions in income distribution, financing, demand, etc.; some possible “value and service pricing” alternatives allowing a maximization of this function will be identified, the correspondent socio-economic effects will in turn be analysed, and some compensative measures to reinvest revenues and diminish the initial impacts these measures may have on people will be formulated.Task 1: Analysis of the current pricing policies’ strategies. Overview of value pricing and comparison of the different objectives of pricing policies schemes.

Task 3: New approach to concession contracts for road infrastructures with the definition and modelling of a new variable direct toll scheme that depends on quality service.

Task 4: Guidelines of implementation of pricing instruments in metropolitan areas besieged by mobility problems. New decision-making process that analyses the convenience of the different strategies and instruments available. Guide for coordinating the different steps that should be addressed in the development of policy packages, from the analysis of the needs to the final policy implementation.

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