Client: European Commission – FP7
Dates: 2009-2011
Participants: GMV, TRL, European Road Federation, Mapflow, Ian Carling Consultancy, aenor, Arval, Navteq Bain & Company

GINA project is addressing the adoption of EGNOS and Galileo in the road sector considering the technical feasibility of the concept on a large scale, its economic viability and positive impacts in aspects such as congestion and pollution, as a general scope.

 The final objectives of the project comprise 3 main aspects :

  1.  The analysis of the context (legal, regulatory, interoperability, standardisation)affecting a nation wide GNSS-based road pricing solution (and VAS running on same platforms)
  2.  The thorough market and business potential analysis for the applications(Road pricing + VAS), to base a commercially feasible large scale adoption of the solution
  3. To acquire valuable operational information only accessible thanks to the implementation to the fully operational implementation of a large-scale demonstrator of GNSS-based Road Pricing at national level and VAS (PAYD for car leasing companies and traffic information generation, modelling and provision) which is technically feasible and allows to go a step beyond for the adoption of GNSS for these applications. The demonstrator will be fully based on the planned ABvM system being defined by the Dutch Government. The information about the ABvM will be used as far as available and will be either public information or that obtained from the meetings arranged by Connekt (in which GMV normally participates)(ABvM Special Knowledge Group Meetings). This choice is due to the fact that the Dutch ABvM is the first and unique nation wide road pricing scheme planned in the world and, if successful, will most likely become the main reference for other future projects.
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