Barcelona City Council and CENIT-CIMNE are working on the Kids First (K1) Project, which is co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility. Check out the ongoing work in Barcelona for making the city sustainable for kids.

Barcelona City Council is currently undergoing the execution phase around the Casas primary school, located next to Gran Via avenue, Barcelona. This big avenue used to be a highway with 6 lanes for cars, 100.000 vehicles/day and noise levels at 90dB. It is now being transformed into a traffic calming area thanks to a new tunnel that opened in April 2022. The project will be completed in December 2022. 

As schools are important spaces in the city and often a second home for children, Barcelona city council is working on a tactical urban approach to improve the safety of children’s access to school by introducing traffic calming measures, more green spaces and installing benches.

Some on-site images of the implmentation plan, Source: Barcelona City Council

Images of the work being implemented to December 2022. Source: Barcelona City Council.  

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