Client: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Dates: 2009-2011

The goal of this project is to create a guide including methodologies for optimization and cost reduction of road freight distribution across all levels and types. This project focuses on both private companies and government.

The road transport sector is especially important to the Spanish economy. However, the external costs provided by this mode of transport, such as emissions and traffic congestion, are considerable issues today. This fact, along with the current situation of the global economy and the dependence of road transport on fossil fuels, has resulted in short, mid and long-term negative indications.

The basic objective of this project is to analyze road transport demand, to identify processes throughout the entire supply chain, to understand road freight distribution structures, to model their behaviour and to propose methodologies to improve these processes. This project will be organized in tasks which correspond to different conceptual categories. The key to this project is that it includes a wide variety of methodologies that come together to solve a common goal.

– Formulation of a demand model adapted to both urban and interurban road transport.

– Formulation of models for the systems studied (urban and interurban road transport). Differentiation between trunk network and local networks. Depiction of the resulting inefficiencies in the systems when applying the models with real data.

– Development of methodologies according to different points of view in order to improve the global system.

– Formulation of a joint model for both networks (trunk network and local network).

– Formulation of compact cost formulae for external costs in both trunk and local networks.

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