Client: MED Programme European Comission
Dates: 2012-2015
Participants: Rete Autostrade Mediterranee (RAM SpA), National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Igoumenitsa Port Authority S.A., Patras Port Authority S.A., Ancona Port Authoirty S.A., Taranto Port Authority, Transport Malta, Fundación ValenciaPort, Cyprus University of Technology, Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille Provence, Prometni Insititut Ljubljana d.o.o. / Insititute of Traffic and Transport Ljubljana l.l.c., Consultores em Transportes Inovação e Sistemas (TIS), Intermodal Transport Cluster (KIP), Albanian Institute of Transport (AIT), Port of Rijeka Authority, Zadar Port Authority

MEDNET is an European project, co-financed by the MED Programme, aimed at simplifying and harmonizing maritime and port procedures within the Mediterranean region.

The project established and operated a network of port authorities and transport experts in the Mediterranean region, focusing on the exchange of knowledge and expertise with regard to port and custom procedures and simplification of clearance for vessels and cargoes to enhance the common understanding and promote the introduction of information systems to ports operation and potentially to other intermodal modes.

The project worked as a benchmarking platform of the current picture of information systems and clearance procedures in the Mediterranean ports resulting in a complete identification of processes and current best practices used to address them. As a result a list of recommendations in the form of actions and measures to facilitating maritime freight exchange, speeding up logistic procedures, and reducing logistics costs.

As part of the project, 20 pilot actions were developed and tested in partner ports and at administrative or customs institutions in participating partner countries, which will enable the identification of opportunities for simplifying and harmonizing procedures. CENIT developed and implemented a tracking system in the port of Melilla (North of Africa) to better control and automatize the billing system for incoming and outgoing cargo in the port premises.

In parallel, monitoring and data collection studies will feed information into the database “Observatory of Port Operations in the Mediterranean”, available to partners and all maritime sector stakeholders.

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