Friday, 7 October 2016, 16:00h

Sala de Juntes at Facultat de Nàutica de Barcelona, UPC-Barcelona Tech

AuthorPau Morales Fusco

Ph.D. supervisors: Dr. Germán de Melo Rodríguez and Dr. Sergi Saurí Marchán

Abstract: This thesis aims at providing tools to assess the competitiveness of Motorways of the Sea and quantify the room for improvement available and the effects that some changes at an operational and strategical level might have on the success of any specific line.

Particularly, the thesis aims to: (1) identify the strategic potential of SSS in all its forms, considering the characteristics of the demand (goods to be moved) and the role of RoRo and Motorways of the Sea shipping in the global picture; (2) assess the procedures in RoRo terminals and how to improve their performance and perception from the end user; and, (3) study the business models available to shippers and forwarders, their cost structure and their sensitiveness in front of market changes, pricing and public funding policies. Qualitative, analytical and simulating models are used depending on the concerned problem:

This thesis successfully provides different frameworks to assess the performance of existing Motorways of the Sea, feasibility of new lines or the effect of current and future polices. Overall, the results of the thesis can be applied for other researchers, shippers, terminal operators, shipping companies and public bodies to increase the competitiveness of Motorways of the Sea.

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