REG4SSEA: Regulatory strategies to promote sustainable transport through Short Sea Shipping

Client: Spanish Ministry of Economy

Dates: 2017-2021

The shift of freight from road to other more sustainable transportation modes like waterborne or rail transport is one of the main goals of the current transportation policy in the European Union. With this mindset, the success of Short Sea Shipping (SSS) is fundamental to achieving the European Commission’s goal of diverting 50% of medium length freight (and passenger) journeys to other means of transport by 2050.

Little success has been achieved due to lack of clear focus, coordination and global measures to increase demand or the identification of potential new regulations and incentives to facilitate reaching EU goals. This project therefore aimed to fill the existing gap in SSS regulation models by building models based on the Theory of Incentives that characterize economic relations between the main players involved in transport chains with a SSS leg. The framework constructed will allow quantification of the impact of specific regulatory measures regarding socio-economic behaviour and the creation of a catalogue of measures and recommendations to form a basis for future regulations.


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April 27, 2022