Trends and drivers shaping the future Port of Barcelona. Port 2040 Vision

Client: Port Authority of Barcelona

Dates: 2019

Part of a global project lead by the Port Authority of Barcelona to conceptualize the Port of the Future. The focus is on identifying and studying the main trends in the logistics sector, with particular emphasis on emerging technologies, that can potentially impact the port sector.
Basic trends in supply chain, vehicles and manufacturing were identified. Supply chain trends include latest developments in ICT for transport (cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Big Data, 3D printing manufacturing, etc.), disruptive start-ups in the logistics market and new concepts, such as synchromodal transport, collaborative logistics and the physical internet. Vehicle trends identified include the introduction of autonomous ships and trucks, tube logistics, megatrucks and megaships. The impact of these trends on the port industry and port stakeholders is analysed. The second part of the studied involved identifying good practices by port authorities worldwide: ICT solutions for port efficiency, strategic action and initiatives to reduce environmental impact


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April 27, 2022