Client: Ministerio de Fomento
Dates: 2009-2011
Participants: Universidad de Santander, SPIM, TRANSyT, Universidad de Cantabria, Universidad de Sevilla, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

This project aims at analysing the characteristics of freight transport in Spain from the viewpoint of its relation with the current complementary infrastructure, determining the optimum characteristics these infrastructures have to meet to rationalize freight transport management in Spain and to design a coordinated national network of logistic centers optimizing the freight transport national networks, in turn favouring the Spanish companies in the logistic and transport market.

The results of this project will provide useful criteria to favour equlibrium and territorial cohesion, offering new opportunities to different areas in Spain to develop. The results will also allow developing some tools to help the decision-making process, so they may result in a new product and, therefore, in a spin-off.

Definition of a logistic platform network in Spain: development of a software for the location of logistic platforms; proposal of general guidelines for the implementation of logistic platforms and specific guidelines for each type of logistic platforms (urban, railway and maritime).

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