Urban Mobility Projects

GROWSMARTER – Transforming Cities for a Smart, Sustainable Europe
European Commission – H2020 Lighthouse Project

CityFlows – Decision-support system for pro-active crowd management of crowded urban spaces
European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

Development of a mobility prediction model based on mobile phone data and socioeconomic/sociodemographic variables
Client: Technology Center of Catalonia
Period: 2021

Hubs for Last Mile Delivery Solutions (Project HALLO)
Client: EIT Urban Mobility
Period: 2021

Technical Counsel for Traffic Simulation of Tram and Tram Operation Benchmarking of the tramway in Daejeon-City
Client: KRRI – Korea Railroad Research Institute
Period: 2020-2021

Evaluation of hydrogen technology on buses
Client: Metropolitan Transport Authority
Period: 2020-2021

EnerNETMob – Mediterranean Interregional Electromobility Networks for intermodal systems and multimodal connections
Client: MED – Interreg (European Commission)
Period: 2018-2022

Assessment of the mobility effects of the Barcelona Low Emissions Zone from 2020
Client: Metropolitan Transport Authority
Period: 2019-2020

Handbook for the purchase of duty vehicles for different propulsion technologies
Client: Traffic Government of Catalonia, Department of Territory and Sustainability
Period: 2019-2020

Variable Speed Limit System for Northern access to the city of Barcelona
Client: Traffic Authority of Catalonia
Period: 2019-2020

Impact assessment of an e-commerce delivery tax proposal
Client: Metropolitan Transport Authority (Barcelona)
Period: 2020

Shared micro depots for urban pickup and delivery
Client: EIT Urban Mobility
Period: 2020

An Evaluation of the Impact of the Electric Scooter on Mobility in Barcelona
Client: Metropolitan Area of Barcelona
Period: 2020

Taxi observatory of Barcelona
Client: Institut Metropolità del Taxi
Period: 2019-presente

Diagnostic Tool for Urban Transport
Client: International Finance Corporation
Period: 2017-2018

EMBLEMATIC- Mobility Simulation Tool for the City of Barcelona and traffic light optimization
Client: Barcelona City Council
Period: 2017-2019

ELIPTIC- Electrification of public transport in cities
Infraestructure and rolling stock in order to reduce costs through live system network and energy consumption.
Client: European Commission
Period: 2015-2018

NOVELOG- New cooperative business models
Client: European Commission
Period: 2015-2018

ZeEUS – bringing electrification to the heart of the urban bus network
Client: European Commission
Period: 2013–2018

Benchmarking of practices and tendencies in last mile distribution
Catalonia Logistics

Transport Equity Analysis- TEA COST ACTION
Client: Cost Action
Dates: 2014-2017

Efficient design and operation of individual public transport services in urban areas.
Client: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
Dates: 2013-2015

SMart green Innovative urban Logistics for Energy efficient mediterranean cities.
Dates: 2013-2015

Feasibility study for the deployment of a carsharing service in Barcelona.
Client: Barcelona Regional
Dates: 2014-2015

STRAtegies and measures for smarter urban freIGHT SOLutions.
Client: European Commission
Dates: 2011-2014

Microplataformas eficientes para una Distribución Urbana Sostenible de Mercancías.
Client: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Dates: 2011-2014

Sistema Avanzado de soporte al viajero para la movilidad urbana sostenible.
Client: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Dates: 2009-2012

Innovative design and operation of new or upgraded urban transport interchanges, in charge of accessibility and socio-spatial issues related with the intermodal station development.
Client: European Commission- FP7
Dates: 2012-2015

“Lab-on-a-Park” de aceleración de aprendizaje y conocimiento en Movilidad Adaptativa basada en la Electrificación de los Vehículos.
Client: ACC1Ó
Dates: 2010-2013

Study for the creation of an observatory of the taxi.
Client: Institut Metropolità del Taxi (IMT)
Dates: 2009-2010

Ex-post evaluation of Transport Research and Innovation in the TRI-Value.
Client: European Commission- FP7

Habit and inertia in mode choice behaviour: a data panel for Madrid.
Client: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Dates: 2011-2013

Elasticitat ATM
Estudi per a la modernització del sistema de validació dels títols de transport (T-Mobilitat).
Client: Autoritat del Transport Metropolità (ATM)
Date: 2013

Plataforma 3.0 de redifusión de datos de movilidad y tranporte urbano.
Client: Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio

Nou model de gestió de la regularitat en les linies Retbus de TMB.
Client: Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB)
Date: 2011

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