Feasibility study for the deployment of a carsharing service in Barcelona

Client: Barcelona Regional
Dates: 2014-2015

Over the last years, it is been a huge explosion of carsharing services across big cities. Barcelona, thanks to its population density, seems to be a suitable place to deploy a car sharing system. Due to this fact the local administration wanted to evaluate the impact of such a new measure.

The main objectives of this project were calculating the potential demand of a car sharing service considering a per minute fee. Such a new service may capture an important mobility demand, so it might become a new actor to consider of the system.

The study was focus on evaluating the potential demand to be captured from taxis, private vehicles and Public Transport. To do so, CENIT analyzed the total cost for each mode and compared them. From this economic approach we got, not just the potential demand but also we define the optimal fleet size for a carsharing service.

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