Dissertation of the doctoral thesis “Intergenerational Redistributive Effects Due to the Financing Formula of Investments in Transport Infrastructure Financing. A Microeconomic Analysis”

Next 31th May, Domingo Peñalver, research fellow of the Transport Economics area of CENIT, will defend his doctoral thesis, a research co-financed by CENIT and the European Investment Bank consisting of five articles published in some of some of the most reputed international academic journals that have been produced with the collaboration and supervision of Dr. Mateu Turró, professor (catedràtic) of Transport and Regional Planning at the ETSECCiP (Civil Engineering School) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

The thesis focuses on the importance of redistribution effects for the decision-making process beyond the basic efficiency requirement that is measured by cost-benefit analysis. In particular, the thesis deepens on the intergenerational redistributive effects of major transport infrastructure projects occurring when some generations have to endure financial burdens are not aligned with the obtained benefits and presents a microeconomic model that allows labelling investments in terms of fairness for the successive generations concerned.

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