The Port of Barcelona signs agreement with CENIT and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) to finance 3 PhD positions.

The agreement is signed as the Port of Barcelona looks to continue to develop research themes that are critical to the definition of the Port´s strategic plan and to outline future lines of development. CENIT´s Director Dr. Sergi Saurí will be the director of the PhD program, theses and the post-doctoral project. 

Dr. Saurí explains “the 3 new positions we have created are in fact the direct result of the research theme Port of the Future, led by CENIT´s current PhD candidate and Port of Barcelona Fellow, Javier Garrido.  This research project is coming to a close later this year and the Port of Barcelona is keen to continue this line of study which involves key elements with a significant impact on port infrastructure and management in the medium to long term (2040-2050).  Alongside this research line, the Port of Barcelona wishes to widen the themes to include the environmental sustainability of the port – with a view to meeting the Agenda 2030 objectives – and researching new business models that the Port should adopt in the coming decades, in line with expected trends.”

The research themes will focus specifically on the following 3 areas:

  • energy transition in its widest sense and applied to the port and maritime sector
  • the impact of ecommerce and new distribution models on the port logistics chain
  • e-mobility and new mobility options including driverless cars

We can look forward to seeing CENIT and the Port of Barcelona at the forefront of national and international maritime transport and port congresses, scientific articles in the press and much more!

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