Participants in the Last Mile Distribution training

Last February, CENIT organised, jointly with EIT UM, a training course on last mile distribution, sponsored by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) of Barcelona.

The course provided an overview of last mile distribution issues and the solutions that currently exist, with the participation of the most relevant stakeholders. The approach was pragmatic and orientated towards practical implementation.

The objective of this course was to present the main issues currently faced by urban logistics, especially last mile delivery, as well as possible solutions and barriers, and requirements for the implementation of these solutions. The course included a practical component in which real cases of successful implementation of solutions were presented.

The course had speakers from the public administration, such as the City Council of Barcelona and Esplugues de Llobregat along with the ATM. And also representatives from the logistics companies GLS, Vanapedal, Geever and Kanguro.

There were also attendees from different fields, such as public administration, consulting, academic research and last mile companies.

The feedback obtained from the participants was very good, both in terms of content, speakers and the quality of the material and the methodology implemented in the training.

The course will be held again in autumn, and we will soon be providing information about the content and participating speakers.

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