The commercial port system in Ecuador is made of the ports of Guayaquil, Bolivar, Manta, Esmeraldas and Libertad. In June 2016 the Port Authority of Guayaquil granted DP World a 50-year concession for the development operation and maintenance of a deep-water multi-purpose port at Posorja. The new Posorjan port facility will handle 800 thousand TEUs (in 2018) with an access road requirement of at least of 20 kilometres. The port will provide a draft of 15 meters improving on The Port of Guayaquil’s current draft of 9.75 meters.

Cenit’s goals:

  • Analyse the banana industry cost structure based on sensitivity analysis to establish future trends according to external and internal threats and opportunities, taking into account climate change vulnerabilities.
  • Analyse the relationship between spatial distance and travel times between production and exportation banana centres according to value chain costs.
  • Create a tool to measure the use of port services according to the conclusions of the previous sensitivity analysis and relevant characteristics of the value chain.

Client: IDB Invest
Period: 2018

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