Benchmarking of practices and tendencies in last mile distribution

Client: Catalonia Logistics
Dates: 2016-2017

Cities are becoming denser in population and it means a growing demand for goods in the urban areas. E-commerce trend and new technologies are leading to deliveries based in just-in-time principle, which is threatening with severe congestion large agglomerations and causes a great deal of attention in the investors.

Considering this situation, the analysis performed in this project deals with different solutions that have been applied in medium and large cities in order to cope with the raise of freight vehicles. The solutions analyzed comprise different measures such as implementing urban consolidation centers, the piloting of off-peak deliveries, the use of alternative fuels, the implementation of new regulations among the most important.

Through the detailed analysis of the performance of these measures it is possible to in-depth understand the drivers of each measure and the reason for which a specific measure was or not successful. The main aim is to obtain a clear idea about the present situation of the sector and its future tendency. State the potential solutions to mitigate the effects of freight vehicles in cities and help to design and plan better solutions.

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