CITY HUB.  Sustainable and efficient urban transport interchanges

Client: European Commission FP-7
Dates: 2012-2015

City-HUB is a 30-month EU-funded project, bringing together leading experts of design and urban integration, transport operation and business, with local and regional authorities and end-users organizations, which represent the economic, demographic and territorial diversity of Europe.

The project aims at contributing to the design and operation of seamless, smart, clean and safe intermodal public transport systems, addressing, at the same time, how these interchanges should be designed in order to ensure that “vulnerable” target groups, i.e. the elderly, youth, physically and mentally handicapped people can adequately benefit from these interchanges.

Within the project, an integrated business model will be developed and a comprehensive set of methodological guidelines will be proposed, addressing different aspects of an urban interchange and promoting public transport. The integrated model will be validated through a set of European case studies and the methodological guidelines will be fully exploited through a European transferability exercise and dissemination initiatives to target groups throughout Europe.

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