Allocating strategies to improve the performance of the storage area  at maritime container terminals

Authors: Morales-Fusco, P., Saurí, S.


Most container terminals around the world face problems of surface capacity and are forced to pile their containers in order to increase the terminal’s capacity and productivity. Higher piles lead to increase the rehandlings and time necessaries for the yard cranes to retrieve a specific container. And, as a consequence, vessels’ and truck’s turnaround times and the terminal’s operating costs increase as well. In such scenario, finding the best yard distribution and allocating strategy is critical to ensure an optimal terminal performance and maximize its capacity without compromising the quality of service provided. This presentation deals exactly with this, different container placement strategies are proposed and checked by means of an accurate simulation model of a maritime container terminal developed with that purpose. Several sensibility analyses are provided for different traffic flows, average container dwell times at the terminal and maximum yard height permitted.

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