Lluís Ubalde
Aula d’Enginyeria Camins.cat
CENIT Seminar


The potential of rail transport, in both an international and a national context, is currently out of all doubt. For its advantages in capacity, regularity and quality of service in relevant segments of the mobility of people or logistics chains, as well as for their energy efficiency and other environmental benefits, the application of rail systems is very diverse, and is growing.

Proof of this is the proliferation of railway projects and operations in:

  • Urban or metropolitan agglomerations, either the extension of conventional subway lines, the implementation of automatic subway lines, or light systems like the classic or new generation tram.
  • Areas of regional transport, with express regional networks or with exploitation models economic
  • National and international areas with high-speed railways.
  • In all atransport of goods areas, in a liberalized context in the immediate environment, although far from its potential.

All these applications represent new business opportunities for our companies and especially for our professionals, not only in the project
but especially in the management of rail services.


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